Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brownies and philosophy

My entire day today revolved around coffee with an old coworker in Lisbon. It included this:

Yum. I also have a picture of him but I have not been authorized to post it and I am a good friend and stick to my word. Let's just say Carl may or may not have blue eyes, look like a gringo but act like a latino. ;) We talked for about three and a half hours on very deep and philosophical subjects. Hate is something active and destructive, he explained, unlike just "not liking" something or someone, which is passive. We debated the difference between pornography and art, him saying it is in the explicit nature and me saying it is in the intention of the artist. I talked and talked, going off tangents here and there, and talking too fast according to him, about family, inheritances, addictions, mental health, my youth group, the similarities between child-rearing and dog-training. You know, the usual.

He is also waiting for something, although he was very secretive about what it was, and that his waiting period would last a few months. Which just makes me ten times more curious. He also agreed that waiting is generally an unpleasant experience. He gave me a good suggestion about where to look for a job, this portuguese website. Here's to hoping.

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  1. All that sugar and chocolate probably led to some increased brain activity, hence the deep philosophy. But of course, how can you say no to thick, rich brownies with scoops of ice cream, melting at just the right speed, mixing in with all that the chocolate! I'm making myself hungry...