Thursday, October 28, 2010

The day's conclusions

A weird thing I ate today:
A very aloe-vera-ey yogurt. Last week I tried to divide gel from an aloe vera leaf among several yogurts, but it was pink the next day. So this time I put all of the gel in one yogurt. It was not very good. It wasn't at all like the aloe vera yogurt I get at the store with cute little aloe vera chunks. It was like eating.... alien guts. It was slimy and sticky and gooey. So next time I think I'll try it in a smoothie?

A funny thing I did today:
I was a rebel and sat on a bench reserved for old people. Isn't that funny? A bench reserved for old people? It actually says that on two separate benches very close to my house. At first I thought it was a joke. Then last Saturday I saw old people actually sitting on these benches and realized one had the year 1985 written on it. So maybe a long time ago, when the paved roads were dirt roads, people would sit on benches outside and just hang out. And old people got first place when it came to benches. I wish it were still like that.

My favorite part of the day:
Petting a three-month-old absolutely adorable beagle puppy and the lady getting uncomfortable and coming to put his leash on him. And my sister being embarrassed and pretending she didn't know me. (...but me screaming out her name and running after her of course)

My least favorite part of the day:
Being generally worried about the future, even though I really don't want to be, and being sad about being mad at a certain someone.

Something I learned:
I came to the conclusion somehow that a good way of discerning might be do what you are scared of doing (either because it's new, challenging, are worried about what people might think of you, etc.) and don't do what you do because you are too afraid to say no (out of fear, obligation, what people will think of you, etc.). 

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