Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I can call myself Portuguese: I made a good soup

Today was a productive day. I've been getting up early and running, which highly impresses my landlady. It's really encouraging to hear that she is impressed! The two major tricks that help me get up early are putting the alarm clock outside my bedroom, so I have to get up, and leaving the house right away.

Then I reached a HUGE milestone in my life: I finally made good soup. The last soup I made was the right consistency but had so much salt it almost wasn't edible. Finally today I made a perfect soup using these ingredients:

I cheated and added a vegetable broth packet...
Is that cheating?


Then I made another important discovery. I've always made scrambled eggs and never really liked them... they were just too thick and eggy. After seeing a recipe here about using one egg, one egg white and cottage cheese (I used requeijao)... I want to make delicious, fluffy eggs everyday! I made them with guacamole, just like IGE's recipe, and it was yummy:

And so as not to be stuck at home all day, and seeing as I live 15min from the beach, I went there to read and plan and write. I am being so impatient about finding a temporary job... money is really starting to worry me. I'm realizing it's one thing to trust God rationally, like I know He can get me a job if He wants and He's got it under control, but it's quite another thing to not worry feelings-wise. But... as if in answer to my prayers someone called me about a job at the end of the day. We'll see how it goes!

The beautiful ocean today

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  1. It was a very simple soup. I don't think I could make menudo or pozole. Even though I'd like to. I wonder if there are vegetarian versions...