Friday, October 08, 2010

Simple Life

My very first post! How exciting. I thought that the most fitting topic to start any blog off with, especially one that wants to focus on the simple pleasures of life, is my dog!

Spice, a 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier that is in all seriousness the most beautiful dog I have ever seen in my life. Ever. Unfortunately she doesn't live with me, but with my parents. I think dogs are the absolute masters in teaching us about how to live in the present and appreciate life. Eat, sleep and play... pretty simple. And enjoy walks and nature... roll around in grass whenever you have the chance. Every time I see really fresh-looking shady grass I think of how if she were with me she would run and lay in it, stretching her legs out and sniffing it with pure joy.

Spice spends most of her life sleeping (with a pink blanket she carefully fluffs each time before entering her bed):

And her favorite season of the year is summer, when the sun warms our patio. Then she spends her whole day sunbathing: alternating between laying out in the hot, hot sun, coming in panting, drinking water, laying on the cold tiles, then repeating the whole process over and over again:

It's a dog's life!

"Spend my days in the sweet sunshine,
rock in my swing and watch my garden grow,
know that I'll always have someone to hold,
oh I wanna live the simple life!"

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  1. So nice! Que boa forma de começar um blog :)
    I´ll be here reading it every time!!