Thursday, November 04, 2010

Big events vs. small events

Today was a busy day with lots of people-time, something that hasn't been happening lately during my weeks. Even though there were "big" events (four people over for dinner at my house), it was the small things that made the day:
  • seeing the ocean in the morning, and all the surfers trying to connect with nature
  • feeling well-fed and fit, with what is becoming my routine run and oatmeal in the morning
  • succeeding (in my eyes) in a small challenge that someone gave me
  • a friend's affirming words about my fundraising process that made me feel like I was on the right track
  • realizing how important family is to me
  • realizing how important Theology of the Body is to me
  • the top two items scaring me a bit
  • not being able to use water in my house halfway through making the dinner for the four people that were coming over... and appreciating the things that work in my house and that I usually take for granted
  • washing the dishes after dinner instead of leaving them for tomorrow like I usually do, leaving me a clean and good-smelling kitchen
  • a perfect fridge: with yogurt, cheese, yummy leftovers and a small amount of things within the validity date and all things that I regularly use
If I focus on the small things, my day went pretty well. If I think of the future, even as far as tomorrow, I start to get nervous.

Here is an AMAZING video of a holocaust survivor talking about the role of music in her survival and how beauty helps faith and hope. I just hope I can turn 107 (or whatever age I live to) and be looking forward to my next birthday party.

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