Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday girl

Today is my mom's birthday. It's not elegant to mention a lady's age but let's just say she is "truly" younger (attitude-wise) than almost all the high school students I met last year. Why? Here is a short list with some of my favorite things about her:
  1. "Secrets make you sick" (one of the most important things she has taught me)
  2. She taught herself how to ride a bike at around thirty years old so she could ride it to work
  3. Her eyes light up like a little kid at christmas when you mention a new health tip or food
  4. She didn't even like dogs or want one at all but now wakes up at the buttcrack of dawn everyday without fail to walk mine and cuts and washes her fur every month (among other things)... actually I kind of feel bad about this one
  5. I stamped my foot and said "I wanna play piano", "I wanna do gymnastics", "I wanna move to Portugal to study theology", "I wanna fundraise and work for Young Life" and she said "ok", "ok", "ok" and "ok". Have you ever even heard of a mom like that? I didn't think so.
  6. She loves and appreciates little birds. Everytime I see a cute one I think of her.
  7. She forgives constantly. She helped many of her brothers and sister speak to each other again after not speaking for years.
  8. Her "soul is French". Hey, she's the one that says it, not me. Ask her.
  9. If you look up the word "free" in the dictionary, in the sense of detached, totally open and always willing to move/change/try new things... you'll find her picture there.
  10. "Nothing nice to say, say nothing". Another one of the most important things I learned from her (and many of her students have learned throughout the years). Only truth and uplifting things come out of her mouth (mostly... hey she's also human!).
Here is a billboard I made for her last mother's day. Happy Birthday mae!

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