Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh yeah, that's why I love being Portuguese

I am starting "Italian week" in my own little cooking world at home, which means I just finished Portuguese and American weeks. My cooking themes made me think of certain things I like from each country that, when I see or experience them, make me think, "Oh I'm proud to be American" or "oh yeah, that's why I love being Portuguese". Here are a few things that came to mind:

"Oh yeah, that's why I love being Portuguese":
  • fado
  • decorative tiles, used everywhere inside and outside buildings
  • warmheartedness
  • genuineness
  • sweet, toothless, elderly people
  • gold earrings:
    (Not my pic. Got it from here)

  • folkclore dancing
  • the ocean
  • chestnuts being sold on street corners during the winter
  • icecream being sold on street corners during the summer
  • coming home today and the cafe on the street corner having two huge dead pigs on tables outside, a man cutting parts off for them to roast (wait... I'm not sure if I like that...)
"Oh I'm proud to be American":
  • country music
  • country music lyrics that celebrate God, family and beer
  • "a pair of jeans that fit just right" (Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried)
  • christianity and youth ministry "american style"
  • people like Taylor Swift or Natalie Portman
  • the value placed on originality and creativeness
  • the value placed on sports, faith and honest work (the self-made man)
  • Carmel, California
  • the value placed on comfiness (I love american couches!)
  • patriotism
  • county fairs
  • bikeriding and baseball caps
The tiles on my living room wall

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  1. This is a nice list of cool things that are so nice in Portugal! Perfect!