Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why I love Christmas pt 3

Reason #3 why I love Christmas: decorations, projects and beauty

I think it was Dostoyevsky that has a quote that beauty will save the world. Beauty is definitely a gift from above and I think it is so important for the soul. I don't like decorating when it involves buying expensive things, but I do like making things (including yourself) look the best they can in the simplest way possible. Christmas can be a time to make homemade gifts, cook/bake more, make our houses look prettier than they usually do and appreciate small pleasures like a fireplace or snow more.

A recent quote from NieNie's blog:
"I love this time of year when all of us everywhere do everything we can to make our homes look pretty. We decorate with glitter and sparkles and lights."

Homemade Christmas cards I made!
My mom's poinsetta and wheat

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