Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meias de leite

I love meias de leite. Just coffee and milk, can't get much simpler.
I love them so much I drink them very rarely. I like to save them for special occasions, only when I go out with someone.
Well, I drank them everyday in the Azores. But that was a two-week special occasion.
I love putting my hands around the warm cup.

One time, I was really, really sad for reasons I can't disclose on this blog. Something terrible had just happened and I couldn't stop crying. I felt like I was falling apart and like my insides were fluid. The worst part was, I had to spend the whole day with people I couldn't tell about my problem and had to pretend I was happy. I spent the whole lunch fighting back tears and trying not to talk so I wouldn't cry.

Then I had a meia de leite.

As soon as I felt the milky coffee warmth go down my throat, my insides went from fluid to solid. I felt INSTANTLY better. I felt INCREDIBLY comforted. It was AMAZING. I stopped crying. I felt a little better. My mom says it's a chemical reaction from the milk. I say it's the meia de leite.

Today a meia de leite made my morning special. I spent FIVE hours all together WAITING at seguranca social (social security). I was mad, things were unorganized, people were incompetent. I left to get a meia de leite. I was refocused on the important things.

Ah, meia de leite. How do I love thee?

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