Monday, March 28, 2011

Marie Jean

Dear Marie Jean,

Today I am happy you were born. Most especially I am happy to have met you and for our friendship. You know how we have a special connection and the same thumbs? I just realized today... I also had a special connection with my godmother and WE had the same thumbs. Isn't that funny? She has since passed away, but she was a cool lady and I am sure she is praying for me in heaven.

You are cute. Did you know that? And sweet.

And I know you prefer cats to dogs, but I can get over that.

What I love most about you is that you are open and trusting. I hope you always stay that way and don't let old age take your freedom (not that 20 is old or anything...). Everytime I think of you saying that after a horrible school year, you went to Taize and felt like God had given you a BIG HUG, I feel happy. And feel like crying kind of.

I hope we have many more good years and adventures together.

Your friend and honored godmother

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