Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wanted: cute-looking old ladies that stole my purse

I have never felt so much like an idiot as today. Not only did I get incredibly mad, "madder than I've ever been in my life" (that's what I said several times this morning) and told someone I hated him, but I really regretted it at the end of the day.

The second really idiot-like thing I did today was put everything I own in my purse this morning. Why? Because little did I know that this afternoon I would leave this very same purse, with everything I own plus the kitchen sink, unattended for FIVE minutes in a church with three old women and have it disappear. You see, I have this theory that you should be able to trust people in a church, and if you can't then there's a problem. So whenever I go to receive communion, I leave my purse at my bench on purpose, to prove a point. Idiot. So today when I saw three cute-looking old ladies inside the church, I thought surely there would be no problem at all in leaving my purse unattended for five minutes. I almost asked one of them to watch my purse, but thought it would be unnecessary for surely old ladies won't let a creepy man come in and take a purse that obviously does not belong to him. Right?

Well, I asked the cute-looking old lady behind me if the confessional was unoccupied and she said no. I looked at my purse, looked at her and left my purse there. LEFT MY PURSE THERE! After a five (ten max) minute confession, I came out and to my surprise there were NO old ladies and NO purse. NO PURSE!

Moral of the story: never trust old ladies again
... and don't be an idiot

I thought I was "unattached" to material possessions until I lost my purse today. Plus my cellphone, camera, mp3 player, highlighted Theology of the Body book, planner and journal. Can you believe I put my journal in my purse this morning... what was I thinking? Well, I don't think I am so unattached anymore. I have a huge purse-shaped hole in my heart.

And of course who came to my rescue and helped me more than words can say? Of course the person I had insulted in the morning, saying I hated him and he had never helped me once.

Moral of the story: get over yourself already
... and don't be an idiot

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