Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eating, sleeping and trusting God

I read an amazing post over at Conversion Diary called "The 7 Habits of People who Place Radical Trust in God" and compared it to how "busy" I've become. Back when I was unemployed, and when I started this blog, it was the first time I started really focusing on sticking to a strict schedule of getting up early, running, eating oatmeal, praying, cooking everyday and going to bed early. It was GREAT, minus the being stressed out about not finding a job of course. Then, when I got one, I've progressively found it more and more difficult to keep cooking, praying and resting enough. I think God really used that time to help me trust him more, and showed me how to trust him. Because when I had those physical basics covered (eating, sleeping, exercising), it was easier to get the spiritual basics covered that she talks about in the post (accept suffering, focused prayer times, listening, silence).

Today, I was lucky enough to go to the beach, have a fabulous lunch with a fabulous friend, unpack my suitcase (which had been sitting in my room for two days) and have time to make soup in my dark, quiet house. It was great. I hope I can SLOW DOWN and focus on friendship with God and others these next few days and weeks.  

The foggy beach today

celery with peanut butter and baked potatoes
Can you find the grasshopper?

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