Friday, April 01, 2011

When your whole world is mad at you...

Have you ever felt like every single person in your life was mad at you? And maybe had reasons to be? I'm not sure if this is normal.

I don't spend enough time with one person.
I missed another's birthday dinner.
I am choosing work over being with these people.
I am quitting and not being faithful to a commitment I (apparently) made with this person.
I am not committing enough to these people.
I'm rejecting this peron.

It seems like lately I've been forced to make a lot of decisions. In all of them I've been highly confused/stressed and all of them have made certain people mad at me. I've realized how much I think about other people when making decisions. "Oh no, I can't... so and so will be _______."

I wonder... is God putting me in these situations for me to stop people pleasing? To start caring about what He thinks and just that?

Two people in the last week have told me, "I'm not mad at you." And it has made all the difference. I'd like to think God wants to tell me that too.

I'm in the back! Looking cool... ;)

Playing soccer with my youth group last Sunday...
one of the tough "decisions" I am trying to currently make!

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