Saturday, July 02, 2011

On being known and loved

Two days ago was my birthday. I'm a quarter century old and boy do I feel it. Not like my joints ache or anything. More like... how did time fly so fast? Why am I not doing all the things I want to be doing with my youth? 

I'm in Colorado, getting ready to go to a Young Life camp with a few Portuguese teens.

At first I was sad to be so far away from everyone I love, feeling a little trapped by lack of money and uncertainty of a future job. My birthday came around and I didn't want to tell anyone or celebrate. Then I realized it's better to be far away from people that really know and love me then to have no one that knows or loves me at all. Or at least to feel that way. So even though distance is OH SO PAINFUL, I am grateful to be known and loved. 

Grateful for all the messages I got. Especially one from a family from a bad neighborhood by my church. Grateful for having a family that loves me. For having a mom that cares so much about me she cries when hanging up. Makes me cry too. Grateful for having a second family in California that loves me totally unconditionally. Even when I am so bad at keeping in touch, they still say I'm like another daughter. Also makes me cry. Grateful for two bouquets of flowers sent to me by the most amazing man ever and by the most amazing community and church ever. 

So it was a good birthday after all. I will be at camp this next week so sorry if I'm not able to update as much as I'd like! 
Me at the batting cages. SO fun. Had no idea!!!

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