Friday, July 29, 2011

An unfathomable body of wisdom

Here is an interview with the writer of one of my favorite blogs that she posted the other day:

I took the liberty to repost her video and write my favorite quotes underneath:
  • As a scientific-minded person...I have a very logical mind and I'm very distrustful of emotional experiences and nobody could speak to me on my level and give me evidence and reason.
  • I had this shift where I no longer thought atheism was for the intelligent, because I'd always associated atheism with intelligence.
  • In the spirit of intellectual honesty, this child was not that valuable... but I knew differently.
  • I knew in that moment that love exists as a reality external to the material world.
  • 8 months went on: nothing. It's easy to glance over that now but when you have 8 months when you get up everyday and you think, well I said that prayer and didn't get an answer, you know, it got really disheartening.
  • What that book did was it got me to a place where I could really ask, what if?... for the first time I had the humility to ask what if.
  • The analogy that really appealed to my husband who's an attourney, is like the Supreme Court and the Constitution. If you just gave every individual a copy of the Constitution and said, "make of this what you will" that wouldn't work. And so I saw the need for a divinely guided Supreme Court. But we both thought, oh no not the Catholic Church. I mean, we disagreed with it on everything.
  • Have you gone on the internet and looked for a book about that? Because I bet not only is there a book about that, I bet there are volumes of books on that. I always tell people, look, the Holy Spirit has been guiding the Church for 2,000 years, its philosophers have had 2,000 years to think about this: your question has been asked. So don't forget to seek those answers because there's such an unfathomable body of wisdom in the Church.
  • My soul was suffocating. I couldn't live a full life because I couldn't embrace concepts like beauty, and love and truth and goodness because, you know, it's all relative in the atheistic worldview.
  • It was just in asking tough questions I found that the Church has the answers. Read Pope Benedict, he speaks to atheists in such a wonderful way. He has that very rational mentality.
  • There is one thing you can do: just become a saint.

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