Monday, July 18, 2011

US of A

Last week I got back from Young Life camp in the big US of A. I was there for my birthday and for the greatest day in world history: the fourth of July. I loved listening to country music all day long, eating delicious food and ranch dressing and especially, talking to my American family, the Harrisons. Here are some of my favorite pictures:
Representing Portugal at a volleyball tournament... and pretty much everywhere.
Hanging out at a rodeo, of course also complete with country music.
Stuffing my face with delicious food, biscuit pictured here. If you've ever been to a Young Life camp, you'll know they are famous for serving you the best food of your life. And when people ask me what I miss most about the States, I usually reply right away "the food".
Funny cowboys and guns. Apparently it's legal to carry a gun, you just need a license if it's concealed. (?) The Portuguese girls will come back and their parents will ask "what'd you do at camp?" "oh, you know, just watched people play with guns"
Horseback riding, by far my favorite activity EVER
Being serenaded by funny cowboys at a gourmet breakfast
Playing dress-up
Atop the Rocky Mountains in Colorado... 14,000 ft! (that's 4 267.2 meters!)

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