Monday, July 25, 2011

When you think you have nothing, then you have everything

My mom today, talking about the Bible story where a rich man stores up grain for years and then dies (Lk 12:13-21), said, "when you think you have everything, then you have nothing". Which got me thinking that I think the opposite is also true: when you think you have nothing, then you have everything. I've been sad about not having money, thinking about all the things I'd like to buy and the financial stability I'd like to have, and not knowing what I'll do this year in terms of jobs, but the truth is I have everything.

As a wise person recently told me when I complained about taking a hard fall right now, "but you seem better than ever. And learning how to fall is important: learning to protect your head, how to get up, etc." So I don't have any grain stored up, but I am grateful for:
  • knowing my insufficiency and learning how to depend on God
  • a great boyfriend and discerning my vocation
  • a routine of waking up at the same time every morning and walking with my mom and dog
  • time for reading
  • my cousin lending me his guitar and time for practicing it
  • family and close relationships, even when it's tough
  • my own youth and health, being fit
  • knowing what's important in life
  • the sacraments of healing and nourishment, confession and Eucharist
  • learning how to cook and having that opportunity
  • fruit, tea and food that makes you feel good
  • the birds that sing outside my window
  • the ocean, it's beauty, and swimming in it

    Me and my parents, hiking in the Azores a few years ago

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