Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fr. Barron's TV series Catholicism

I've been seeing things about Fr. Barron and his new series Catholicism on blogs and news sites, but only when I read about it on NCRegister did I understand how amazing this new series really is!

A chicago priest tells the board of the ministry he works for he wants to "to do something like Kenneth Clark’s Civilization, where he showed the beauty of civilization as he talked about it. I wanted to do the same for the Church by going to Europe, the Holy Land, Calcutta, Africa, Notre Dame Cathedral and elsewhere." Then, 5 years, 12 trips, 16 countries and $3 million later (all from private donations and a grassroots movement), it's done!

This 10-part series will be airing on PBS:
"I wasn't expecting much from PBS, but they called us down, and we met with their people. To my infinite delight and surprise, they said they thought it was well done, that it was visually compelling, that it would be interesting to non-Catholics and any religious seekers, and that they loved it."

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