Friday, September 30, 2011

Podcast and dating article

Do you know the theology of a grape?

Listen to this week's Sunday podcast to find out:

My favorite thoughts from this podcast:
  • You're going to hear a lot about vineyards this week...When you learn about the theology of the grape: what a grape has to go through, in terms of the waiting and the seasons and the longing, there's a huge process. And when you work in a vineyard it's hard work... What ends up happening throughout all these seasons is that you have to be faithful, tenacious, disciplined and you have to wait on the Lord, and the Lord ultimately has a plan, but you have to be willing to wait on it and see it through.
  • What more would God have to do for you to trust him with everything?
  • It's hard sometimes to trust God for that whole season, because it takes discipline... Even in those hard times, God is still sending people and situations into our life to remind us how much he loves us.
  • This is reminding us once again that God gives us everything we need and gives us every opportunity to do what's right, to follow him and to listen to him...
  • In this first reading from Isaiah God says, look, I created a vineyard here and I did everything I was supposed to do, but wild grapes came. So now what am I supposed to do? ... I'm going to start over again.... Not because I did anything wrong but because you did.
  • What God is telling us this week is: listen, I've given you everything that you need to know me. What more would God need to do for you to trust him completely?

Also, I have a new article that's been posted at about Catholic dating:

It's also linked to here:

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