Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Time to get ready for Sunday!

This week's readings speak right to the struggle I've been having all week long, funny how that works, of envying what others have and thinking I deserve more.

My favorite thoughts from this week's podcast:
  • They were mistaking the landowner's generosity for some sort of injustice. And honestly isn't that how most of us go through life? We have the same kind of struggle: what's mine is mine, what's yours is yours. But see sin is when we think everything is ours. Sin is when we look at the world around us and we have that sense of entitlement: "I deserve more". This is where envy comes in.
  • Forget the fact that we we were born into privilege, into a first-world country... forget all those blessings for a second. But how often do we look around, just at the physical world, and we're constantly aware of how other people have more. And that can really be a trap, that can be something that enslaves us.
  • How blessed are we that God would even want us to work in the vineyard?
  • If you've heard that call of God, who cares how much we're getting paid? Because we're getting paid in the opportunity to know God intimately.
  • Seek the Lord, don't wait for him just to seek you... seek him.
  • Do we really go running to the Lord for mercy and just hoping that he would want to use us or do we just wait to be called and then complain about the terms of the agreement?
  • The only thing in my life that's really mine is my sin. Everything else we have, every gift, every blessing, every skill, every talent is a gift from God the Father, that we have no right to use for our own glory, no right to use for our own earthly prominence. Everything that you and I have is a gift from God. Even those things that we've worked hard at, that we've practiced... even that work ethic is a gift from God.


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