Monday, October 31, 2011


Should Christians celebrate Halloween? Not only is Halloween an originally and praying for the dead is the highly recommended, but I totally agree with Jennifer of Conversion diary when quotes the article "The Fun of Fear" and says that playing with the things that scare us can be therapeutic:
"We often play with our fears in ways that can be beneficial to our souls by establishing a proper context for them—otherwise known as theater."Read more:

I also like what the great G.K. Chesterton says about taking ourselves lightly: "Angels, G. K. Chesterton famously asserted, can fly because they take themselves lightly. But the fallen angels do not. Satan is traditionally seen as a pompous figure, and that is why in the Middle Ages they knew that the best way to deal with devils was to laugh at them. Gargoyles with grotesque faces defended our holy places with the power of mockery. The fourteenth-century Macclesfield Psalter, for example, is filled with ribald humour, absurd devils and naked bottoms, scratched out by puritans who thought that religion was a more serious matter. Fernando Cervantes demonstrated that people stopped representing the Devil at some point in early modernity not because we ceased to worry about him but because we had become too afraid." - Why Go to Church? by Timothy Radcliffe OP

My Halloween party:

Idea here
used, empty jars painted orange, with candle inside
Branches painted black... a place to hang the homemade masks
Paper pumpkins
Felt cut-out bats on the walls, yellow and orange balloons
Ideas here

Beet soup with eyeballs

Great masks to make! Cut out black felt, glue on petals of artificial flowers. Idea here
Dancing... "THRILLER!'

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