Friday, November 04, 2011

Better NOW than never...

Have you ever arrived late to mass, maybe during the homily and thought, "better late than never"?  Listen to this week's Sunday podcast about READINESS:

Ready thoughts:
  • "Better late than never" might pass in a lot of different things in life, but when it comes to our readiness for Christ to come again, when it comes to our salvation, better late than never is a pretty dangerous proposition.
  • Now that we're in November, we're going to hear about the last things: about death and judgment, heaven, hell and purgatory... You're going to have a series of Gospels all leading up to Advent with a similar theme of "be prepared, stay awake, be watchful"
  • This seems kind of uncharitable... shouldn't the people that have the oil share some? Isn't that what Jesus would have said: share some of the oil with the people that don't, so that your lantern is lit? The answer would be no.


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