Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrating my dad's life

Sunday is my dad's birthday and so I think this is the perfect opportunity to share with you some of my favorite things about him. I never seem to talk about my dad as much as I do about my mom, but that doesn't mean that I love him any less. In fact, even though I share most of my lifestyle/routines from my mom (vegetarianism, religion, etc.), I definitely get my temperament/personality/looks from my dad. So how could I not be thankful for him? ;)

Some of my favorite things about my dad:
  • the fact that he makes freshly squeezed orange juice every morning
  • his courage in trying new things (for example, going to Taize last summer!)
  • his obsessive cleanliness (better than the opposite, right?)
  • his love for animals
  • his interest in history and philosophy
  • how I can ask him for help/advice for almost anything practical
  • his striped pijamas
  • his dedication to golf
  • his sense of humor
  • how he really is proud of me all the time (even though I still hate it when he brags to others about me!)
  • his sensitivity and introspection
  • how he helped me in my dream to have a dog ;)
  • his insatiable appetite for bacalhau
  • his love of learning
  • his constant support and love of me

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