Friday, November 18, 2011

The King and the Shepherd

Whose kingdom are you building: yours or God's?

This week's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday podcast:

My favorite quotes:
  • Not warnings because He wants to condemn us, but because he wants to save us.
  • This Sunday, rather than having a lot of kingly imagery (on the Feast of Christ the King), we have a lot of imagery of shepherds.
  • I really encourage you to read the first reading and put emphasis on the "I" phrases.
  • The shepherd's role is for the sheep's safety. The shepherd is the one that's going to make sure the sheep don't get left out of the pen, don't get carried off by a wild beast, don't die.
  • Our lives proclaim whether we truly know the Shepherd and walk with him.
  • What is your motivation to serve and to act? Is it because you want to be seen in a certain way or because you are a loyal subject of the King and you're here to build his kingdom?
  • It's either my kingdom come or thy kingdom come. If we really pray and proclaim thy kingdom come, that means my kingdom go. That means it's not about me, it's about God like we hear in the first reading. That means it's not about all the power and authority I can gain, it's about Christ having the power and the authority and me bowing before him, like we hear in the second reading. It's about trusting in him as the shepherd for everything as we proclaim in the psalm.
  • Christ is the King, the question is whose kingdom are we building?

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  1. I pray daily the Jesus King of All Nations devotion. Powerful promises given to us by Our Lord.