Monday, December 26, 2011

Chillin' with Spice

How was your Christmas? Mine was pretty awesome. Yesterday I went to bed and realized that I barely remember my daily life and routines in Lisbon while I'm in the Azores. There's nothing like relationships, real relationships, even when they are hard and stretch your patience, energy, etc. I really feel like hope was born for me this year. Like I'm more detached from trying to change people, but more hopeful about the present and the future. More excited about the surprises God will make happen.
Here are some pictures from my Christmas weekend...

Where else can you eat fresh fish
like this for €8, while enjoying an ocean view?
... only in the Azores!
Spice's Christmas present...

My Christmas presents...

Two pairs of slippers!
Xmas Eve dinner at my aunt's
Xmas day lunch at my house

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