Friday, December 16, 2011

Rejoice oh favored one

It's the last Sunday of Advent... get ready!!!

My favorite thoughts from this week's podcast:
  • Growing up cradle Catholic, I always thought "hail Mary" was like "hey Mary!" or "what's up Mary?" or "high 5 Mary!" I didn't understand that "hail" in the Greek actually means "REJOICE"... Rejoice one oh filled with grace
  • God had had this plan for ages, for centuries, He'd even revealed that plan at times, over a course of time, but it was still mysterious until the time came for God to be made manifest... and that's what we're celebrating.
  • Who does he reveal his mystery to? To the most humble of prophets, to the saints, to the lowly...
  • God, as He reminds us in the first reading, isn't looking for our favors. He's not looking for some favors, "hey, put up some Christmas lights, celebrate my birthday", "hey, put up a tree, celebrate my birthday", "hey, buy some presents, celebrate my birthday"... He's not looking for favors, He's looking for our OBEDIENCE.
  • So that we're not doing this for God, as a favor, we're doing it as a reaction, as a response to God's greatness. We're putting up our lights not to show off in the neighborhood, but to respond God's greatness. We're celebrating with our families not to be the best, but to show God's greatness.
  • Not celebrating all we do for God, but all He has done and will continue to do for those who love Him.

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