Thursday, January 12, 2012

Italian birthday dinner

Yesterday I was so proud of my BF who threw his own birthday dinner for 10 people and cooked all by himself! Okay, so he had some help from the guests when they arrived and it was running hours late. But it all turned out great! I didn't try any of it unfortunately, not even the cake, because I had eaten something the day before that made me very, very sick. Thankfully, I'm better today. And drinking tea.

The menu was Italian: spaghetti, pizza, salad, garlic bread. The guests were all very different: all ages, backgrounds and personalities. Some go to really fancy nightclubs in Madrid for fun and others maybe have never been to a nightclub or couldn't afford it. I think it's a very good sign when you are friends with different types of people.

Homemade yogurt cake and coffee brigadeiros

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