Monday, January 09, 2012


My friend Catia says she loves nighttime because there's a certain spirituality about it. Sometimes when I come home and everything is dark and quiet, I know what she means. Every now and then I remember to look up at the moon and the stars and wish I could spend more time doing that. Yesterday I got home from a weekend of stressing out about a whole lot of nothing, but it finally ended in peace. While panicking and trying to make all the decisions in my life all at once, someone wise told me, "But do you think you'll only have peace after making those decisions or do you think you have to be at peace so that you can make those decisions?" I decided it was the second. And nighttime really expresses peace. I'm reading the book Memories of Sister Lucia and I'm impressed by how the shepherd children of Fatima really knew how to contemplate nature:

"The little one also liked very much to go to a field we had in front of the house at night, to watch the beautiful sunset and the starry sky that followed. She would get excited about the beautiful moonlit nights. We'd see who was able to count the stars and we'd say they were the lamps of the angels." (Memorias da Irma Lucia, p. 40)
The moon and the branches reflected on the ground at my house

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