Thursday, January 05, 2012

On opening up

I've been having a hard week: getting back to everyday life in Lisbon, feeling lost and confused about decisions I have to make, not knowing what I really want or like. Last year at about this time I was also feeling this way, I remember. One thing I realized yesterday, after having coffee with a friend, was that there is one important thing that is different this year. This year I have people I trust and can talk to. People that know me and love me and that I've come to appreciate more this past year. And really it makes all the difference to have people to talk to when I'm feeling down, even if they all have different opinions.

"Julie, next time you feel sad and like shutting yourself in a room, pick up the phone and call me or your mom or someone else" - Marta, my friend whose mom was recently diagnosed with cancer but she is handling it like a true fighter and is an inspiration to me

"Suffering is redemptive only if you don't close yourself in on your suffering. It's redemptive if you open yourself up to others, sharing your suffering with them and sharing in their suffering. It's something that unites us." - A bishop I heard speak at World Youth Day Madrid

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