Monday, January 23, 2012

Seeing that she has loved much...

I went to a Frida Kahlo photography exposition this weekend with my sister. It's so nice to have someone interested in that to go with me, and extra nice to go with someone that studied Latin-American literature and can explain things about the Mexican revolution to me.

It really helped me reflect on what's important in life and helped me with decisions I've been having to make recently. Frida was someone that loved and lived very intensely. Her love might have been unhealthy/messed up but it she never gave up until the end of her life loving Diego and life with the same intensity as ever. I loved how she kissed her letters with red lipstick.

It made me think how lucky Diego was to have someone that loved him so unconditionally and intensely his whole life. Isn't that what all lovers want? The other's heart. It made me think that's what God, the divine lover, wants from me too. He pursues me and loves me intensely and unconditionally my whole life. He doesn't want me to follow him or worship him just out of obligation or because it's "the right thing to do". He wants my heart and my passion. He wants me to be completely enchanted, head and heart, by him. Even if that means faithfulness when the passion comes and goes, but it still has to be there. Frida's life was messed up, but it reminds me of Jesus's words "So I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven; hence, seeing that she has loved much." (Lk 7:47).

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