Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to paint icons

How to paint icons without actually knowing how to paint/draw:
  1. Find the icon you'd like to paint. I picked the Mother of God of Fatima, because I wanted to make one for myself and two friends that I met through Theology of the Body congresses.
  2. Enlarge the icon on your computer (save then zoom) to the size you want, then place a regular piece of lined paper over your computer screen and lightly trace the icon.
  3. Cut out the icon, cutting along the outer edge. Place it onto where you want to paint the icon and trace the shape onto there.
  4. Keep cutting out parts and tracing progressively, until you trace everything onto where you want to paint your icon (except for the face). Then try your best to draw the face.
  5. Paint to your heart's delight!

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