Monday, February 20, 2012

Sounds and silence of the weekend

I spent this Saturday at a retreat spot in Sintra with a couples group reflecting on discernment. I spent a week there on a silent retreat this past summer and it was really tough! I had never done a silent retreat before and it was pretty painful. This time we also had some time for silence, but it wasn't as difficult. Here are some of the sounds of the birds, roosters and bees:

My favorite thing I learned about discernment was the difference St. Ignatius of Loyola gave on well-being and peace. One is emotional consolation or desolation and the other is spiritual consolation or desolation. Spiritual consolation is anything that increases faith, hope and charity, whether or not it corresponds to your feelings. Peace and spiritual consolation should accompany desires and decisions, while spiritual desolation can be a time for purification or a sign that something isn't God's will. In these times, the "Ignatian" rule is to not make changes or decisions.

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