Friday, March 02, 2012

Society is a requirement

Today was a much-needed FREE morning to clean my house, go grocery shopping and make chocolate muffins, all pretty basic necessities. Even though my mornings and early afternoons are free (I work evenings), I usually fill them up by going into Lisbon by train and meeting people or running errands of some sort. Usually that 1 1/2 hour each way is worth it just to have lunch with someone special, my BF or a friend. This week was cloudy (weather-wise and mood-wise for me!), but it turned out pretty good actually, and I think it had something to to with those special lunch dates. And the muffins.

Clouds during my train ride

"The human person needs to live in society. Society is not for him an extraneous addition but a requirement of his nature. Through the exchange with others, mutual service and dialogue with his brethren, man develops his potential; he thus responds to his vocation." (Catechism of the Catholic Chuch, #1879)


  1. São os muffins do zé?! =)
    Tem óptimo aspecto!

  2. SIM!!! ;)
    Diz a ele que ficaram optimos e obrigada! Nao tenho maneira de pesar mas advinhei mais ou menos as medidas e ficou muito bom :) Vou repetir...

  3. =) são óptimos! de nada
    aguardamos a receita dos teus brownies.. =D
    beijinho *