Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I'm back to listening to my favorite podcast ever...
This week's Sunday reading podcast:

My favorite thoughts:
  • The more connected you and I are with Christ, ultimately the more we're going to be connected to God the Father and be able to hear his voice.
  • The Greeks didn't know Jesus as well, but Phillip and Andrew did. So the Greeks went through people who knew Him well, to get to know Jesus. The same way it's through Christ that we know God the Father.
  • We are able to consume Jesus and His blood runs through our veins.
  • I will place my law within them... and Jesus Christ is the new law, the new covenant and God's going to put Jesus within us... the Eucharist, the sacraments.
  • It's through that intimate relationship with Jesus that we're going to have that intimate relationship with the Father.
  • Take time to thank God for all of those people that know Him well that God has put in your life, that have an intimate relationship with Him. And go seek them out, like the Greeks did to Phillip and to Andrew. Find out how they come to know Jesus.
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