Friday, April 20, 2012

3rd Sunday of Easter

This week's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday podcast:

My favorite thoughts from the podcast:
  • There's a lot more to learning than just the technique, you have to trust me. 
  • A lot of times because we don't have God's divine perspective, that we can't see that certain situations that are happening in our lives right now, that God is allowing to happen because he's trying to grow us, to refine us. Because he intends to use that virtue and that skill later in life. 
  • Whatever is happening to us today, God can use it for His glory, whether tomorrow or a few years from now. 
  • We were being prepared ahead of time for what happened to Jesus. 
  • It says he opened their mind to understand the Scriptures... He was trying to open them to a bigger perspective. 
  • By pointing back, He's actually encouraging them to go forward.
Caravaggio, 1901, Source

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