Monday, May 07, 2012

Fatima Jovem 2012

What's it like being in Fatima with 2,800 young people from parish youth groups all over Portugal? Aside from the organization of the event only letting us sleep 4 hours (locking us out of our rooms and making us go to really loud events...ah!)... it was wonderful. It's an annual event called "Fatima Jovem" and we got to stay together as a parish, go on a scavenger hunt through the lesser-known places in Fatima where there are lots of olive trees and participate in the rosary, candle-lit procession and other great things at the sanctuary. I got to be with really, really special people from my youth group and with an amazing man like whom there is no other. What an incredible journey we've been on... together, with the youth group and with GOD!... since four years ago when I invited him to help out with the youth group and he said yes. 

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