Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In communion

Peter Colosi left Portugal yesterday morning. And our little group, which had been rushing him from one conference to the next during an intense week, was very sad to see him go. This weekend was so beautiful and I was so happy not only to spend it with Peter, but also with my friends that are part of the group. It was so special knowing my friend was in tune with my feelings and that another would say "Juuuulie" when I was being a little mean to a person I have a hard time getting along with. It was amazing to laugh together at the same kind of humor. It was especially amazing to pray alongside each other at the most beautiful Pentecost vigil and feel totally in communion. I had no idea such an amazing convent existed in Portugal, much less so close to Lisbon! 

The pictures are of Peter and a priest arriving by bike for lunch, us at Portinho de Arrabida beach, the simplest yet most beautiful dinner prepared for us by the Monjas de Belem (that live in Setubal), Pentecost Vigil with these incredible sisters and Pope John Paul II's statue at Igreja da Encarnacao in downtown Lisbon. 

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