Friday, June 01, 2012

England, France, Saudi Arabia, America, Portugal...?!

Hanging out with my sister's crazy English and French colleagues, plus a Saudi Arabian, at an American diner while drinking Welch's Grape Soda... in Portugal? Divine. I loved hearing the "habibi" (sweetheart in Arabic) being tossed around everywhere and finding out about the VERY different culture called the MIDDLE EAST. I mean really, I didn't even know what kinds of questions to ask someone who lives in a country where all women wear burkas. Crazy. So I asked who is top suggestions for Arabic music were. And they are: Mohamed Abdo (Saudi), Om Kolthom (Egyptian) and Karmin Suliman (Egyptian)... winner of Arab Idol (?). 

Pictures of us at the diner and overlooking the Cascais marina. 

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