Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sexuality and Marriage in Islam and Catholicism

Here is the post I wrote at IgnitumToday:

I hope you like it! It's obviously more written from the Catholic perspective, seeing as I don't know a lot about Islam. I hope it's respectful enough and that I get good feedback so that I can learn more. 


  1. Julie
    I am glad that you are studying Islam and wanting to learn more. I wish my learning about Islam started much earlier, but that’s the way it is!

    Re Islam you no doubt are aware of many of the websites out there. The problem is there is too much information! And much of the information is deficient and misleading. For example, the essay by Dr. Omar Hassan Kasule that you linked to reveals a common stance taken by Muslims on this subject. They often refuse (in public) to deal with the controversies surrounding the issue of Mohammed and Aisha.

    I wish you well in your growing understanding re Islam. If you would like some guidance on this I am at your service!

    Good luck with your new job, and enjoy the Euro finals on Sunday.