Thursday, July 12, 2012


When describing a teacher we had in common, my friend said something like, "You can tell the daily things she does aren't easy for her. Being social, walking into a class full of students, the way she carries herself... there is a sort of courage about it. Like a waking up everyday and overcoming." I have moments of facing life head on, but in general I pretty much wimp out and try to be comfortable. I'd like to be more open to this daily spirit of overcoming. There are two things I've become more and more certain of: life is incredibly beautiful and also it's an uphill climb. It's not supposed to be comfortable. 

Pictures of: my landlady's beautiful sunflower (I looove sunflowers, don't you?), me and my new haircut on the street where my awesome hairdresser is, downtown Lisbon with my friend and goddaughter. 

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