Monday, August 06, 2012

A trunk to rest on

Daniel and I went on a week-long silent retreat in Sintra and it was really great. Tough, but great. We don't belong to the Church movement we did it with, but the people that have helped us from this movement have without a doubt been the face of the Church and of God for our relationship and even lives during this past year and a half. 

When one of the missionary nuns told of her calling to her vocation, she spoke about something she had read in a book. The author said the celibate vocation was like a tree cut down at its trunk. What is the use of cutting down a tree? A tree is useful because of its beauty and shade... what's the use of a cut-down tree trunk? Well, there is no "use", but a passerby in the forest can sit down and rest a while.

That's exactly what the people from this movement have been to us: a rest and a place to sit. And that's what this week-long of silence and guidance was too.

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