Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thinking about those special people...

There are those people in life whose hearts you are sure are made of gold. Who when you talk to them on the phone your face beams and your heart feels homey. Those people who love you unconditionally, even if you live a million miles away and are terrible at keeping in touch long-distance. Who still remember the special moments you spent together and talk about them with love and nostalgia, as if they were yesterday.Who make you think, everyone in the world could let you down but you trust goodness still exists because of them. 

I'm so lucky and so undeserving to have such people as my second family in the US: the Harrisons. If I had to choose three words to describe them, I'd maybe choose genuine, true and good-hearted. I think the wonderful moments I spent with them and our friendship really helped form who I am. Here's to a hug across the Atlantic!

My best friend and her mom (with two family members missing)...

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