Monday, December 17, 2012

Oreo gods have mercy

Dear oreo gods, 
How many times will I have to try the same recipe over and over again until I succeed at making homemade oreos? I'm hoping it will be with #4, as this weekend's third try was the best yet, but still produced not-sweet-enough oreos on steroids. 

The Martha Stewart Black-Eyed Pea Tacos recipe I finally got around to trying, on the other hand, was wonderful. I was so happy to make something so simple, delicious and healthy. I got a new magnet with an Alice in Wonderland quote in a secret santa gift exchange... it's a great quote. And I also went downtown to hear my really talented friends sing in their choirs in a really beautiful church. 

There is one of my friends: the closest one on the left... she's a soloist! 

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