Monday, March 18, 2013

Pope Francis


Last Wednesday the 13th (by the way, the 13th is a very important date for Portugal), I was writing in my journal about how ridiculous and unremarkable my life is. And how disappointed I was with it. 

Then, I got home and watched (and cried along with) Pope Francis make his first speech as Pope. I felt I had an answer to my prayer: life is ridiculous and unremarkable, unless you're plugged into Christ, his Church, his amazing plan for humanity. I had a sudden vision of what really matters and felt a little silly. 

I'm excited... St. Francis of Assisi is my confirmation saint. I haven't been listening to any of the commentaries. As a priest said yesterday in mass, "The Pope doesn't need commentary. And he doesn't need to be measured by the tiny stick of my own sensibility." I'm glad to know the Church is really guided by the Holy Spirit and really throws some curve-balls and we really can't predict, plan or even comment them sometimes. 

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