Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strike... again

How to catch a bus when the Lisbon metro is on strike:
(Because forget about taxis, they are all full or will cost a fortune in bumper to bumper traffic)
Step 1: Do not give up while waiting 45min-1hour in line, watching full buses pass by without stopping. Other people will give up and you will eventually get to the front. (see pic above)
Step 2: When a bus does stop to let people out and you are toward the front, run to the back doors and push your way in, no matter how many people complain or how many expletives you may hear. Those free passes in line for old people don't count here... it's push or be left behind. (!)
Step 3: Try to eventually move into a corner, where at least you are smooshed into walls and not into other people, and where you can hold on for dear life.
Step 4: Do not analyze your life too much while riding like canned sardines for a long period of time. You will not want to move countries or assassinate people so much once you're well rested and can breathe properly.
Step 5: Don't leave the house if you can help it or run any errands whatsoever on strike days in Portugal... so like every other day. But try not to stress it.

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