Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It has been H-A-R-D to adjust to working/real life and a whole new living situation, especially when you've just come back from your honeymoon. It was all amazing. 

We decided to go to Porto Santo, a tiny (tiiiiny... like as in 5,000 people that live there and another 5,000 in the summer) Portuguese island. We picked it because it was calm, we had time for us and not a lot of pressure to see and do things. Although we did explore the island quite a bit. 

It was a nice touch to have champagne waiting for us at both our hotels (they knew is was a honeymoon)....

The best part of Porto Santo: the long expanse of sandy beach. The water was the clearest and the warmest I've ever seen. 
The downfall of Porto Santo: the gross, enormous grasshoppers everywhere (it's a very arid, desert climate and landscape). We were totally attacked while hiking. 

 An "oasis" in the middle of the desert. A mini zoo built and managed by one amazing guy...

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