Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween... #4!

My friend Sofia told me when I invited her over for Halloween, "We haven't missed a Halloween yet." And only then did I realize, this is the fourth Halloween we've spent together: we've had two dinners at her house and this is the second Halloween dinner at my house. So I guess we've started a tradition. 

My hubbie and I were especially excited because this was the first party we'd be hosting at our new house together. We were extra careful about who to invite, because we only have a certain amount of cups and places to sit. LEAVE IT TO PORTUGAL... however... to try to ruin (!) Halloween for us by scheduling a public transport STRIKE for the same day and half of our guests not showing up due to traffic. 
PS In case you don't know, I hate strikes. I've blogged about them here... and here.

But we didn't let the strike ruin our day... we had fun anyway! 

Pumpkin lasagna and "autumn" salad (w/ apples and nuts) were on the main menu...
Halloween carrots with hummus...
A really great chocolate cake recipe in the back and my favorite: headless gingerbread men! Great gingerbread recipe from Martha Stewart and I used strawberry jam for the blood.  
Eyeballs in the wine glasses...
A bun in the oven costume!!!
Some cool ninjas, angels, "dead nature" and the girl from the ring people hanging around...

Happy Halloween!

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