Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dates in the rush hour

I haven't blogged in a while... 
Life has been intense in mainly good ways, but definitely overly busy ways. I stiiill don't have the baby room ready or practically anything baby ready. My pregnancy was going great until this week, when I feel like I've been beaten up by a small gang every day. Our house is barely clean and we barely have food to eat, but we manage to make it. 
One really great thing we've instituted and been able to stick to every week is a date night alternately organized by me or my husband. It's fun because we really look forward to it and try to keep it a surprise. We've continued to stalk Lisbon's bishop (see Dom Manuel Clemente below) and go to his conferences. On Valentine's Day (our 6-year dating anniversary) we were able to go back to the coffee shop where we had our first date six years ago... we hadn't gone back since! We have also gone to Pasteis de Belem, eaten at our favorite Italian place and gone to see the Gulbenkian orchestra play Ravel...

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  1. Hi Julie, I follow your blog from Italy, as I found it through an article that you had published on another Catholic website. (My situation is similar to yours in some ways.) I wanted to congratulate you on the upcoming birth of your daughter! My little girl was born last year in March and I'm expecting a baby boy in June, so I'm also a new mother...Megan