Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chubbiness = happiness

I think I have this thing for chubby babies. I pinned this adorable little thing on Pinterest a year ago:

And now I have a butterball of my own! Her chubbiness makes me happy for some reason. I love holding her chubby little body and feeling her really soft skin. And making her smile, of course.

She's two months old and I dare you to say there is a cuter baby out there. I won't believe it. I've made many mistakes in these two months, and I keep on learning through trial and error. I don't believe there is any science to caring for a little human... it's complicated! I still haven't figured it out and I still worry when I think I might not be doing the best thing for her.
But then I take a deep breath and remember she's God's child before she's ours and how lucky I am to have this task of caring for and singing "The itsy bitsy spider" to this adorable chubby creature.  

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