Friday, June 27, 2014

Hey Heying

This parenting thing is hard to figure out. I feel like I find out one "trick" one day and then it doesn't work the next day. However, there are some things I have finally figured out about my adorable (almost) three-month-old baby:

1. It's hard for her to sleep during the day. If she goes a long period without sleeping, it'll just get harder and harder or her to fall asleep.
2. She sleeps well during the day in someone's lap, in her stroller in a loud place or on her stomach (but that's not allowed!).
3. Toys stress her out. She can only have so much of them (about five or ten minutes) before she breaks down and cries.
4. She loooves it when people talk to her, even more if you sing to her, she likes kicking her legs and "hey heying" (see vídeo below).

1 comment:

  1. Hello. I hopped over from Ignitum to say congrats on your little one. And also, I know the doctors would frown, but let little one sleep on her belly. The poor things always sort of "jerk" awake when they have to sleep on their backs, I think because they're used to being tucked up tight in the womb. Now with baby number six, I don't even pretend I'm going to lay him down on his back, lol. Enjoy all that cuteness!